Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Finally! His Eminence Cardinal Thomas Collins' 3 Minute Intervention at #Synod15!

Skimming through blogs, I came to First Things, which is covering #Synod15 in an interesting style, akin to Fr. Francis Zavier Murphy with Vatican II.

Under a fictional pen name, Xavier Rynne II, an author is being given much information and coverage, of the Ordinary Synod on the Family 2015. While we don't know this reporter/editoralist's name, he/she is gaining a wealth of information, and even cardinals' own 3 minute speeches (the "interventions") published online. For more, including past articles, please see this website on first things: http://www.firstthings.com/tag/synod2015

Well .... Finally it is here!!! Allow me to be the first to bring the scoop to the SCCB!!!! His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, has finally given his 3 minute intervention in the Synod. While we were gobbling turkey this weekend, ++Collins delivered the the intervention on Saturday Oct 10. Xavier Rynne II has just included it as part of their latest report on First Things, given today this morning. I repost it here in full, to break the scoop.

If you choose to include it in your blog post, feel free to link to either one of our blogs (but if you choose mine, please credit First Things and XR2 for the original publishing, and S.U.D. for breaking the scoop.) 

Enjoy this good morning wakeup!!! Pax tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. 

Cardinal Collins on the Art of Accompaniment
The following intervention was given to the general assembly of the Synod of bishops on Saturday, October 10, by Cardinal Thomas Collins, the Archbishop of Toronto, with special reference to section 110 of the Synod’sInstrumentum Laboris:
We are called to accompany people with a compassion that challenges, and that leads to conversion and to a heart on fire for Christ. Here are some ways to do that:
1. Pastors, who must daily accompany their people in their struggles, should imitate Jesus on the road to Emmaus, and with clarity and charity preach the call to conversion, which is the foundation for the liberating message of Jesus “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17).
2. The Gospel message is entrusted to us; but our greater task is to form messengers, for all the faithful are called to the apostolate, especially parents entrusted with the evangelization of their children.
3. Men in particular need to be challenged in order to assume their responsibilities in society, so that the young are not deprived of paternal models to guide them along the sure path that can sustain their hope.
4. Young people should be presented with the fullness of God’s plan for human love, with all of its challenges and its invitation to heroic sanctity. Pastoral experience shows that they rise to this challenge with a reaction similar to the disciples of Emmaus: “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the scriptures?” (Luke 24:32).
Our mission is to make disciples, but secular culture is more effective in unmaking them. This is nowhere more evident than in the secular vision of the family, of sexuality, of gender, of fidelity, and of the human person.
We must certainly start where people are at, in their subjective personal situations, and accompany them. But to do so with evangelical integrity, we must effectively share with them the objective truths of Sacred Scripture and Tradition, which challenge the secular assumptions that they draw in with the air they breathe. The goal is to form missionary disciples within the family who will evangelize the world.
“Go, make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). That is the mandate Jesus gives us at the end of the Gospel of Matthew. In Luke, on the road to Emmaus, he shows us how to do so.
First, he drew near, and accompanied his downcast disciples as they walked in the wrong direction, into the night. He started by asking questions about their present disposition and by listening to them, but he did not stop there. Instead, he challenged them with the Word of God: “Oh, how foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have declared!” (Luke 24:25). His presentation of the objective vision of Scripture broke through their subjective self-absorption and, along with his loving presence, brought them to conversion. The disciples of Emmaus accepted the Word of God that challenged them, and asked Jesus to remain with them. When the Lord was made known to them in the Breaking of the Bread they changed direction and, with burning hearts, raced through the night to Jerusalem to bear joyful witness to the community gathered there.


Hello everyone,

So, remember my request for you to help my Catholic gal pal, Mags, go to Nashville to record some tracks for her new album?

The original post was here: http://torontotlmserving.blogspot.ca/2015/09/help-my-catholic-gal-pal-maggie-aka.html

Well, sure enough, enough people came through up to the last day to help pitch in. MAGS IS GOING TO NASHVILLE TO RECORD SOME OF HER ALBUM TRACKS!!!!!

If anyone helped her out thanks to this blog, thank you for pitching in to help this bright young role model of the Church honour God through her talent of music. Thank you as well to taking a stand against the Radical Traditionalists, who thought they could shame this girl into darkness and despair, and abandon her music career. 

This is the kind of open camaraderie in the Church we need to see more of: Orthodox faithful supporting one another in promoting the future of the Church to develop and express their gifts to glorify the Lord. 

Yes, I know, Gregorian Chant is like the holiest thing ever invented in the Church, and Trads would prefer everyone sings chant, but we have to wake up and realize that there MUST be valid ways for our youth to express themselves as sons and daughters of God in the world, but not of it, as the future of the Church. If all we do is keep slamming down liturgies and rules in their faces, while being hypocrites of various kinds ourselves, then guaranteed, they will turn away from the Church, or stay in "nicey-nice" Novus Ordo land, when they deserved a better welcome to the WHOLE of Traditional Catholicism. 

For our young, Catholic artists in training, or amateurs, or professionals, if praising, adoring, and loving the Lord is through country music, or jazz, etc. as long as our artists do not take the route of the "former" Ms. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta who is now the Satan-loving Lady Gaga, then by all the means to show God how we Love Him, when our existence is unnecessary to His sustenance. 

MAGS, great to see you have not given up and are overcoming your adversity!!!! No go do a little honky tonk for us. Can't wait to see the finished project in the new year. 

Pax, Julian. 

Friday, 9 October 2015

Thank God for My Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins Leading Things!!! See His Working Group's Summary from Synod 2015!!!

Hello Everyone,

Well, in local quarters, I just got beaten a couple of minutes ago, as of 9:11AM EST by a Radical Misrepresenting Traditionalist blogger group, to the first scoop! While this is NOT His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins' 3 minute intervention speech, it is still with his inspiration.

In the 2014 Synod, the bishops got together in small working groups based on primary language and region (English/French/Italian + North America, or Africa, etc.) and released almost a summative statement, reflecting that group's values/thoughts on matters, etc.

News.Va has fully  released these texts today on the Internet for everyone to see. Taken from their media site, I post here, the full text of His Eminences' working group. I'll be commenting in red text and bold-facing important, shocking parts.

PAX! Julian.

[01661-EN.01] [Original text: English]

Relatio – Circulus Anglicus “D”
Moderator: Card. COLLINS Thomas Christopher
Relator: S.E. Mons. CHAPUT, O.F.M. Cap. Charles Joseph

Those of us taking part in Circle D are grateful to Pope Francis for calling for this synod, and we are honored to be part of the process. We also want to express our gratitude for the hard work embodied in the Instrumentum Laboris (IL). We suggest that the document should start just as we begin any celebration of the Mass – with a kind of Confiteor, putting ourselves in the midst of the failures of the members of the Church, rather than judging them from the outside. We need to acknowledge and ask forgiveness for our own mistakes as pastors, especially those that have undermined family life. [Whoa! First, there is already a mention of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Confiteor, and acknowledgement of man's sinfulness. Further, it seems that likely, the working group is referring to sexual abuse suffered by those at the hands of priests, but also pastoral abuse of power in parishes.]

We had two general observations:
First, while various elements of the IL are admirable, we found much of the text to be flawed or inadequate, especially in its theology, clarity, trust in the power of grace, its use of Scripture and its tendency to see the world through overwhelmingly Western eyes. [Wow! Seems like it's not just the traddie blogs criticizing the IL heavily. These bishops get it too! As for the "Western Eyes" comment, they are clearly referring to the general moral laxity attitude, such as being pro-homosexual, pro-communion for divorce and annulment, etc. I'm heavily impressed when they criticize the poor use or lack of Scripture and theology. They are hitting the core of it!!!Second, we felt limited in our ability to respond by not knowing clearly who the audience of the document is. In other words, are we writing to the Holy Father, to families of the Church, or to the world?

Most of our group felt the IL should begin with hope rather than failures because a great many people already do successfully live the Gospel’s good news about marriage.[Thanks fellas! Finally, those faithful Catholics living our marriages are being given the respect and dignity they deserve! The majority of the Church is NOT divorcees, gays, etc. We are being misled by media, even dare I say it, Catholic media, to think otherwise.] Our group expressed concern that readers will simply ignore the document if it begins with a litany of negatives and social problems rather than a biblical vision of joy and confidence in the Word of God regarding the family. The huge cloud of challenges pervading the first section of the text unintentionally creates a sense of pastoral despair.

Several group members felt that Section II should precede Section I. Others supported the current arrangement of the text. A shared concern was that most people won’t read a dense or lengthy document. This makes the IL’s opening section vitally important; it needs to inspire as well as inform. Additionally -- recalling the work of Aparecida -- members stressed that the focus of the text should be on Jesus, through whom we describe and interpret the world’s present situation. We should always begin with Jesus.

If marriage is a vocation, which we believe it is, we can’t promote vocations by talking first about its problems.["Got it memorized?", to quote a fiery haired game character? MARRIAGE IS A VOCATION!!!]

As the Trinity is the source of reality, and because all communities originate in the community of the Trinity, some thought that the Trinity should be the document’s starting point.

Members noted that in his letters, St. Paul would often write a prologue of praise to people whose sins he would then critique. This was a common style in his epistles, and effective.

Our group thought there were a number of elements missing from the text: a serious reflection on gender ideology, more reflection on pastoral care for the differently-abled, the role of fathers and men as well as the role of women, and a deeper treatment of the destructive nature of pornography and other misuses of electronic technology.[That's right .... were talking about the FULL GAMUT HERE!!! Pro-lifers are often chastised for just caring about unborn babies only and NOT the full range of life. Not so here!!! This group, in caring about the differently-abled, are referring to those mentally and physically disabled people out there!!! And they are GETTING it with regards to the family: BOTH PARENTS apply here!!! FATHERS!!!! The now bastardized other half of the marriage thanks to society!!! And porno, but especially mentioning MISUSE OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA!!!! Really!!! They are on their game. Just yesterday I discovered, thanks to a parish that puts its homilies up on YouTube, St. Joseph the Worker in Mississauga, that thousands of teenagers are now using a sexual hookup application, called "Tinder" to have casual sex with people in their local areas, since they lowered the age limit to 13 years of age!!! (see from 9:25 onward.) Sadly, not enough priests in the Church are caring about the sexual degeneration of our young people!!! We are being ignored!!! Not so with group D. THANK YOU YOUR EMINENCE!!!!]

Members criticized many of the paragraphs in the first section. Some thought the presentation was chaotic, without inherent logic. Sentences seemed to be tossed together without any organic connection to one another.

Some thought the text worked well because the family today does, in fact, face serious problems. That’s why we’re here at the synod: to deal with those problems;[But not in the way that the "lavender mafia" and Judas Iscariots occupying power in the Church want] and people who suffer want to see their reality touched by what we say. So it’s important to speak in a way that will draw people’s attention.

Still others thought that the text lacked anything that would attract people. If the document is destined to the general public, they felt that stories from family life, or the lives of the saints along with illustrations, should be included to make the material more compelling. They stressed the need to review the language of the document and ensure that it appeals to both men and women, leaving no one out.

Members worried that the English translation may not be faithful to the official Italian text.[As much as I hate to give leeway to those RMTs and conspiracy theorists, the English translations tend to have "errors" lost in translation, don't they? It's sad that to fight those errors, we have to get the Italian translation to prove Pope Francis isn't a heretic teaching false truths.Others complained that many of the document’s statements were too general and not specific enough. Still others felt the text had many inaccurate generalizations, was verbose and repetitive.

Members said that some of the sections seemed narrow in scope and excessively inspired by West European and North American concerns, rather than a true presentation of the global situation. Some of the members thought that terms like “developing nations” and “advanced countries” were condescending and inappropriate for a Church document.[Deja Va with Cardinal Walter Kasper, anyone?] Others thought that the language of the text was too careful and politically correct, and because of that, the content was unclear and sometimes incoherent. Wonderfully good points were made in some paragraphs, but they were addressed too briefly and in a poorly developed manner. They seemed to be simply pulled together and listed, rather than presented logically.[Ok I'll just say it straight up. Have His Eminence ++Collins create all church documents from now on. There'd be clear teaching and orthodoxy in them. Enough with this P.C. garbage and weak sauce.]

Overall, members felt that Pope Francis and the people of the Church deserve a better text, one in which ideas are not lost in the confusion. Our group suggests that the text should be turned over to a single editor for clarification and refinement. The current material is obviously the work of a committee. Because of that, it lacks beauty, clarity and force.

Finally, members felt strongly that even in difficult situations, we need to underline the fact that many Christian families serve as a counter-witness to negative trends in the world by the way they faithfully live the Catholic vision of marriage and the family. These families need to be recognized, honored and encouraged by the document. Thus the first section of the IL text, which is about “observing” the facts, ought to highlight the good as well as the bad and the tragic. Heroic holiness is not a rare ideal and not merely “possible,” but common and lived vigorously in much of the world.[Thank you your Eminences, for not giving up on us. Thank you for your hope. Thank you! God Bless you group D.]

Reflection on Recent Events of the 2015 Synod So far: Stay Calm and Keep on Being Catholic!

Hello Everyone,

Well, just like I predicted last month, that nasty, hateful, blog machine is now in full tilt, and daily reports are coming in on the Internet about the Synod that was supposed to be so secretive. Between bishops who are blogging themselves, and Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists or ones with connections to those who can be at Rome, there is some new secret of who said what coming out every day, with bishop against bishop, cardinal against cardinal.

If you are like me, one of those few Catholics who care about his Faith to stay informed of Church politics, its TRUE teachings, and such, you are likely feeling as if every corner seems to be doom and gloom, and we all might as well find some bunkers, acquire all sorts of provisions and means of self defense like those "preppers," and re-emerge from our bunkers triumphant and to usher in a new era for the Church, right????

Honestly, we should all just stop, I repeat, STOP! Now breathe in, and breath out. Repeat the process at least two more times, because three = Holy Trinity. Now let's continue.

Based on what we have seen from the Synod, we all should probably be in a panic because our Church is giving way to the route of other Christian Sects, those not in union with Holy Mother Church. In some sects, such as certain parts of Anglicanism, United, Episcopalian, etc. sexual mores have been lowered, female "bishops" have been allowed, etc. Particularly, some issues have been brought up, with GREAT encouragement from bishops and spokesmen from my neck of the woods in Canada (specifically, Quebec and Toronto), which are not boding well for the reputation of the Church, or looking like another assault on Christ's priesthood/Holy Orders.

So let me give you a much BETTER, and less bile and hate filled evaluation of what is going on here with my blogging opinions for Synod 2015 so far, to help you gain a better hold of reality, as well as so that you are aided in NOT falling to spiritual despair.

General: That Dark, Nasty Blog-o-sphere with its Radicals Misinterpreting Traditionalism. 

Let's start off by saying this much: these Individuals have an axe to grind with the Church, are NOT directly reporting from the Synod, and if one evaluates the bulk of their work, can discern that they cannot be trusted in spiritually guiding the lay faithful, whether they be cleric or disgruntled layperson (cause some of these bloggers are women too!). We need to remind ourselves, just WHERE the Lord is Found, and that He loves us so Much, and wants us to join Him in Heaven, that he would not give us a faulty man-made Church made of sand.  Otherwise, why would Holy Mother Church give us One, HOLY, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

From scripture in 1 Kings 19:11-12: "... the Lord was not in the wind; ... the Lord was not in the earthquake ... the Lord was not in the fire; ... he was found in the breeze.

And one of the BIG ONES for Catholics, in explaining the Church, MATTHEW 16:18! ``And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.``

With these two passages, this reminds us that,
1) Our Lord is not present where there is a bulwark of sin, destruction, and acts not becoming of the Love of the Lord, who is all GOOD. The Lord is not found, for example, in those who speak of heresy. The Lord is not found in those who steal from others. The Lord is not found in those who lie, especially who lie purposely to destroy another's livelihood or character. The Lord is not found in those who slander, detract, or spread malicious gossip, as Pope Francis as declared gossip the work of the Devil!.
2) While the Church does not guarantee that specific people will not abuse his Church's institutional or finite means of existence in our world, for personal power or gain, he will definitely NOT allow them to ravage Christ's Gospel and declare outright the opposite, nor that the Church will depart from the world before the End of Time.

When one is bombarded with the amount of social media and messages describing that which is good in humanity, is it no wonder we lose Hope? All this "noise" from our smartphones and electronic devices including computers, drowns our ability to listen to the Lord, and mainly shows us dark and despairing things, even from our own brothers and sisters of Christ. Look above again at the passage from 1 Kings. The Lord was found in the gentle and quiet breeze.

Therefore, we all need a reality check and to be careful, just how much of this Synod news we receive online. Francis Phillips, in this editorial in the Fr-Z acclaimed Catholic Herald of Britain, rightfully describes how the online coverage of the Synod, can actually cause one to lose their Faith, if followed intently. Here I have picked out the most important statements of his editorial piece:

`` .... [Edward] Short writes: “Mgr Ronald Knox, ... once advised that ‘he who travels in the barque of St Peter had better not look too closely into the engine room’ ....  I had a glimpse of this cast of mind yesterday myself. Talking to ... [my] friend, a devoted, lifelong Catholic, [he] replied: “Don’t talk to me about the person you just mentioned [Pope Francis]. I have a lot of issues with him.” I wasn’t able to stay to hear what these “issues” were, but I can guess them; they are constantly raised – often in highly intemperate language – in the blogs of those who describe themselves as traditional Catholics ... if we fix our eyes on the “engine room”, the Vatican, we might well begin to drown in our sorrows. There is only one sure remedy. Blogger Fr Dwight Longenecker stated it in his own vigorous fashion on Tuesday, in his blog for Patheos, where he advises: “To be sure, the Church seems to be under threat – undermined by corruption and heresy within and attacked by persecution and infidels without. Read your history. When was it otherwise? … Love the Body of Christ but go beyond the Church to Jesus Christ himself for he is your true goal, your destiny and your desire.”

I realize that it is frustrating that Pope Francis set up the Synod in such a way as to be not transparent to the Church, and further that he may forego the usual protocol of releasing a summary Apostolic Exhortation at the end of the Synod. However, we must agree that in light of the article from Phillips, there is a point to NOT pay too much attention to the talking heads at Rome. Knowing that many of our shepherds are not acting as the best role models of Church leadership, why keep knocking ourselves down when they repeat the same behavior? Instead, how about we pay more attention to our local Church and parishes, serving, and fighting when absolutely necessary, at the grassroots level, to restore our Church leadership, and perhaps inspire our pastors to become those desired men, eligible for the bishop's chairs when they retire or die?

Further, we could give the benefit of the doubt to Francis. Perhaps he has become clever and adaptive to the media and wants to prevent fiascoes of two kinds:

  • The first would be intra-Church, where in posting documents and the like, the angry RMT bloggers would come out in full force, further undermining his Papacy and bombarding other bishops with hate mail (regardless of the correctness of people's points). 
  • The second fiasco to prevent would be worldwide, in fact, perhaps avoiding repeating history itself in order to stop further division and moral disobedience. Back when Pope Paul VI released Humanae Vitae, which DID deal with the family, specifically the procreative aspect of it being assaulted by chemical contraception and abortion, the world revolted when he did, and needless to say, bishops' collegiality aided the world in rejecting Church teaching on those areas of sexuality. 
So if he releases a post-syndoal exhortation in the form or similar writing (or even his more abstract way of speaking,) with content of Humanae Vitae, I can guarantee you there will be fury in the Church, and history will repeat itself, with a Church further divided. Not to mention it will be further compounded by the facts that the new "rage" currently in society is those with same-sex attraction and its sympathizers, and as proven recently by that priest who quit the CDF after outing himself as a practicing homosexual, spouting a "gay manifesto" as it were.

In short .... stop accusing the Holy Father of manipulation and purposeful damnation of the Church! He is not an insurgent bent on destroying the Church, and his personal history from bring just a lowly priest in Buenos Aires, up to his cardinal-ship before being elected, says he bucked much of the "trend" of the day, to the extend he was ostracized by his own order, the Jesuits.

Specific Bitter Points: The Women Deacons Issue

Ok, so being Canadian, I have to be somewhat concerned about this, as a bishop from Quebec, Paul-Andre Durocher, former Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops head, made this, and it got leaked in public by press and media. Of course, the RMTs are having brain aneurysms over this, so much so a number of people took to the bishop's post and attacked him, almost as if he had said something heretical.

Now, my take on this, being Canadian AND trying to aid you in cooling your jets and not losing hope in the Church:

  • The format of the Synodal arguments or "speeches" from participants, is limited to 3 minutes per prelate. They absolutely CANNOT lay out in 3 minutes their detailed plan about what they mean in what they say. To spill out exactly what they are meaning, those bishops would need a 40 minute lecture, with detailed diagrams and plans and the like.  
  • The media, depending on the source and their theological-political slant, will either ruthlessly damn +Durocher, or praise his intervention. You cannot blindly trust media, especially that of personal conjecture, of which all blogs mainly are. 
  • Only +Durocher can truly explain himself what he meant by Female "deacons." His 3 minute speech did NOT say whether they were equated to the level of the Male Diaconate which is formally part of the Major Orders, or Holy Orders of the Church, Therefore we cannot directly accuse him of such an understanding, unless he discloses this personally and it is on the record.
  • In a way, as to admission of women to any form of Holy Orders, in the Priesthood, NOT THE DIACONATE, has been dealt with, and is closed, by John Paul II in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, 4. However, there has not been a major document dealing with women and the diaconate. In fact, Vatican II in Apostolicam Actuositatem, 9, acknowledges the greater role women are playing in Church ministry. 
  • Apparently in some of the rites, and even one specific order of Nuns in the Church`s history, there is some existence of the Deaconness, as touched by Deacon Greg Kandra in this article with weblinks at the Deacon`s Bench. However, there was no kind of sacramental/ordinatorial equivalency of those Deaconesses to the male diaconate in service at the altar. 
  • Already I say, there is a foundation in a practical sense for Women Deacons in the modern, 21st Century Church. Women today, have taken leadership of MANY of the roles of the normal parish and ministry life, such as head catechists, pastoral associates, lead youth ministers, etc. With the major and only increasing problems present in society, there is likely even a bigger need for women in the Church. With a general, natural strength of emotional and social complexity and understanding, allowing for better nurturing, they could become major players in crisis or spiritual-educational types of ministry, requiring pastoral counselling, catechesis, and/or evangelization (though NOT at the level of the priest in certain ways e.g. exorcism and demonic possession, sacramental ...)
  • HOWEVER, it is pretty much close and shut, that any sacramental or holy orders level ministry, the Church will NOT grant to women Deacons. 
  • Finally ... +Durocher is only one voice among the Church on this issue. I say, Women in the Church truly deserved its own Synod in the future, particularly focusing on their role in the constantly shifting culture of the world in the 21st Century Church, and yes, Women Deacons should be discussed, with a template formulated for their exact role in the Church, the appropriate liturgical procedure for conferring the role on them, etc. In other words, lets leave it to a future Pope to iron out the nitty gritty details.  

Close to Home: ++Collins and Toronto

Well, I say that we should hold our horses here in the Archdiocese of Toronto, because our main man, His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, has NOT spoken yet with his 3 minute intervention. I say that we wait and see what he says, or at least a more full summary of his speech, becomes laid out in the open. We can use this as a better gage, at least here in Toronto, to see just where leadership in the Church locally will go. As to what it will contain, He has given reporters a "sneak peek" of the content and direction of his homily, but of course, individual threads do not make a whole rug. Regardless, he might be speaking in the next few days, if he is already releasing previews. 

Final Words

People, relax. Don't believe everything the talking heads say, be they in Rome, or in their domiciles spewing out their internal, spiritual turmoil onto online word vomit. Keep Calm, and continue being an Orthodox Catholic. 

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. 

P.S. Go Blue Jays! Thanks Archdiocese of Toronto! 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Sweet Reminder: Please Send MAGS to NASHVILLE!!!

Hello Everyone.

Please click here: http://torontotlmserving.blogspot.ca/2015/09/help-my-catholic-gal-pal-maggie-aka.html

Send my gal pal to Nashville!!! If you care about the future of our Church, then aid a young lady and Catholic role model/future Church leader in expressing herself through her God given talent of music.

Pax, Julian.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Freyr is Missing Again .... This Time ... for Good it Seems ..... :(

Hello everyone.

I have been checking my blogger feed's statistics, and in a weird and unexplained way, this post I did on the "rescue" of a blogger I liked, "Freyr", has attracted the most views in the month of September. Aside from possible "spam robots" on google, I don't get it. I wrote that two years ago. Well whatever brings people here to Servimus, I guess. However, I bring this post up in light of some unfortunate recent events I want to discuss, revolving around the sickening of the Catholic blog-o-sphere in the Francis pontificate. Another victim has been claimed.

When a blogger you admire for bucking the trend of his contemporaries or the status quo leaves, it's truly sad. Today, someone fighting on the side of balanced orthodoxy in Catholicism left the fray, at least on his own blog. That would be Freyr.

Yesterday, on his group blog, Freyr decided to remove himself as a contributor (now the 2nd of the original `4 horsemen` to depart from there.) On his group blog, he parted ways in the comment box, which can be summed it up to leaving an environment not conductive of the Joy of the Gospel. This is actually a pain I can relate to as I will reflect on below.

Now in my 3rd year of blogging, I've noticed a stark change in the Catholic blogosphere. In the Benedict XVI Papacy, both "orthodox" bloggers (e.g. The Anchoress at Patheos and Aleteia, Fr Longenecker, Mark Shea ...) and the so-called, mis-nomered, "Traditonalist" bloggers, were usually on the same side and co-existed online. Also, the environment of the Latin Mass associated with the "Trad" blogosphere in real life and online, was more welcome in past, in members' conduct and charity. Or at least, any misconduct was usually kept internal and not broadcast publicly, worldwide.

Lo and behold, Pope Francis appears after Benedict XVI abdicates the Seat of Rome, and the mis-nomered "Trads" are revealing their true colours, proving once again when Christ admonished Pharisees in Scripture, how their behavior is not fitting with the Way, Truth, and Life He was giving to the world.

Suddenly, numerous blogs began a hate train of bile and spew against the falsely "liberal" Pope who does everything wrong. Any cleric from Pope Francis downward, or layperson who (rightly or wrongly) behaves "badly" according to the ridiculous standards of the Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists (RMTs, what they truly do and are,) are punished with anything from: e-mail, Twitter, snail mail bombs, etc. to slander and detraction on the Internet, to public humiliation. These actions are in the hopes that their intended target will  bend to their will. It has even gone as far as threat of lawsuit, be it layman vs. layman, and even layman vs. cleric, or even vice versa. While I am not condoning heresy, harassment of good people, sexual sin, etc., I will say that slander and detraction online only aids the Devil in his revenge against Christ and his triumphant victory on the Cross. As for the calumnious and detractors, they only dig their own spiritual graves, and weigh their souls further down to Hell.

While I still blog, I am one of these examples of those who have felt the sinful and barbaric wrath of this RMT community, in person and online. Witnessing over 4 years my local Trad communities, and engaging in 3 years of blogging, while rejecting the status quo for only that fitting of the Lord, has resulted in continual harassment, online and in person. As a result of being un-welcomed by these leaders and their respective communities, I severely limit my exposure to the TLM. I rarely even go to parishes in my archdiocese with the TLM, because people loyal to the radical elements spy for their masters, and give them fodder for additional abuse. That or the parish communities express sicknesses of sorts, lacking joy and the Life of Christ I hunger for, and have become closed off and guarded to outside people, just like Pope Francis has been warning about, with a Church that turns inward on itself and becomes sick. These days, even among praise and worship music, and priests who are lukewarm or boastful in character, I am finding this joy more often in the Novus Ordo Church and communities I frequent.

This Joy of the Gospel should be found also in the Extraordinary Form, with its Gregorian Chant, its orthodoxy among its adherents, and in the liturgy itself. This joy should also be found online on Traditionalist blogs, with the bloggers knowing that it`s an uphill battle to convert the world and those within the Church back to better holiness. These grounds which should have been fertile, are wasting, and continue to waste, opportunities to be vital components for the New Evangelization. Now, because they have missed the boat, in my personal/spiritual life, I assist through altar serving with just one Latin Mass affiliate in my Archdiocese, the St. Patrick`s Gregorian Choir. I do not feel welcome at any other affiliate connected to the Latin Mass, even those that are the ``Latin Mass`` parishes.

Sadly, people are taking notice, and getting sick of it.  Even "Traditionalist/Orthodox" blogs and media pundits, that once hosted these misguided "right fighters" known for crossing a fine line with Pope Francis one too many times, like Maureen Malarkey., or Patrick Archbold, are getting axed from their pulpits. Normal blog readers are even cutting these bloggers/sites out of their normal viewing.

Worse, the Vatican and other clergy are noticing, and guess what? Those intended targets are rarely stopping their actions when it is not blatantly obvious they are screwing the laity. If anything, the efforts are backfiring, and the Church's enemies and liberals are emboldening their efforts under the Franciscan papacy, falsely believing the Pope has given them a green light to go ahead.

What I am saying, is that the Catholic Blog-o-sphere, often aligned to the Latin Mass, is becoming a cesspool of hate, anger, and pride. As Scripture says in 1 Kings 19:11-12: "... the Lord was not in the wind; ... the Lord was not in the earthquake ... the Lord was not in the fire; ... he was found in the breeze." Thankfully, Freyr has made a wise, spiritually awesome decision for himself and his eternal salvation, to not be around what is possibly, an occasion of sin for him.

However, as a whole, losing even one good, balanced voice that is an orthodox catholic and not an RMT, is sad for the whole online Catholic blog-o-sphere, and that does resonate on the ground in person with our parishes and communities. When these people leave or cut their involvement, that is one less voice proving that these RMTs are the minority in Catholic orthodoxy, and in traditional circles, even the Latin Mass.

When the voice of the devilish, hypocritical minority becomes the majority of leadership, people will reject Traditional Catholicism, and even the Latin Mass because of bad example. This means the young, "wired" generations of X (mine, late 80's to early 90's), and Millennials (born late 90's to 2000's), will only have but rotten example left to see. They will either reject all forms of Catholic traditionalism based on those few examples, or worse, inherit the sickening poison of the bloggers they see, including a erroneous form of the Hermeneutic of Suspicion. This suspicion will exhibit itself, either in becoming an RMT and isolating themselves in their online, real, and spiritual lives, or rejecting anything besides standard Catholicism in our outdated parish community structure of the Church, even rejecting Holy Mother Church Herself because of the "bad men" within it, including those supposed to be "true faithful."

So, to Freyr, here is my personal message:

Freyr, it is unfortunate that you have decided to remove yourself from the presence of the Catholic Blog-o-sphere for hopefully, just a while. I and likely other readers of your blog, enjoyed hearing your voice and being the "voice of reason" on issues in the Church, and to remind us, that our Catholic Faith is about just one social justice or liturgical cause.

We need more people like yourself out there to demonstrate and provide evangelical Witness in the Church, that this is a great place to be filled with Hope! Not the home of "pickled-faced pepper" people who are liturgical and moral policemen, akin to fictional super (/anti-?) hero,  Judge Dredd, whose famous catchphrase is "I AM THE LAW!!!".

I do applaud your reasoning for leaving, as you have been wise enough to realize what the Joy of the Gospel is, and that one must care for their soul and hopeful eternal salvation of such, as a precious pearl of great price. I do hope that this will not end your foray into blogging. I do hope you can re-visit the blogosphere one day.

If you will not do it on your own, then I would be happy to, for the first time, open up my blog to a secondary author to contribute posts, whether as a guest, or as a formal contributor. You are always welcome (save violating my blog rules), to comment here on Servimus Unum Deum. Please Freyr, do not give up hope in this Archdiocese of Toronto, nor online or in person with the Catholic/Trad communities. We must continue to shine forth.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Triple Highlight: Terry Nelson, Mark Shea, and Catholic Culture Hit It on the Head!!! Re +Daneels Conspiracy and Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalism!!!

Hello Everyone.

So it looks like Pope Francis' visit to the USA, as well as some stupid documentary where a cardinal in the Church "plotted" with others to sway the conclaves of 2005 and 2013, has made the Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists froth at the mouth like crazy.

Thankfully, to protect the Catholic faithful from being swayed by detraction and slander of the Holy Father, as well as from acts of the Devil, a number of bloggers have risen to the Church's defense against, sadly, the slings and arrows from their own disgruntled members.

First up is one of my favourite bloggers, Terry Nelson, an outstanding young man who blogs at Abbey Roads. This young buck, like me, hates radical traditionalism and sees the damage it is causing the Catholic Church, especially in the wake of the Francis Pontificate. Adding to his credibility, is that he is a chaste man, who carries the cross of Same-Sex Attraction, yet he is faithful to Holy Mother Church, an important stance to take especially with the whole Synods of the Family occurring. He`s even not afraid to take to task other SSA individuals, whose approaches to being gay and Catholic, steer somewhat in a darker direction, despite appearances of being ``chaste.``

In the comment box of one of his posts, "Papal visit - it's not over till the fat lady sings ... and I'm sure she will," Mr. Nelson comments on how he is keeping his soul pure by avoiding certain blogs. He states his reasoning why:

"Terry Nelson4:24 PM
These are a few blogs I consider poisonous gossip-mongers:

Vox Cantoris
Pat Archbold
Carol McKinley
Ann Barnhardt
and a few others they link to.

Other blogs by people with admitted mental health issues or who give indications of it, I simply avoid.

This type of conspiracy chatter and traditionalist extremism has plagued me my entire adult life - since my return to the sacraments. This constant vitriol and suspicion and requirement to check the papers of all who profess to be Catholic. The constant repetition of false visionaries and reinterpretation of Fatima and pulling out ancient encyclicals to bang over people's heads. Today Medugorje is very near to be being discredited, The Locutions to the World lady is backtracking and saying the time of collapse has been put back. The fake prophets are falling - yet doomsayers are repeating their warnings. Even the politicians who promise an end to abortion if we elect them - and when we do - nothing happens - let it all fall to pieces.

Who cares if the economy collapses? Who cares about predicting the future? Why do we waste our time worrying about the Synod? Defaming people who went to see the pope or did the readings? Pray - yes - but working ourselves up over this stuff? To what end?

How can we keep doing this? Why? Just to taunt and drive OCD people nuts? To heap guilt upon the guilty? To shame the shameful? 

I don't get it.

LarryD once said my blog is littered with road kill - I laughed so hard because it's true. My entire life is too.

Nutcases have come and gone. Doomsayers predicting the Ball of Redemption - aged, infirm, some dead now - I hope they saw it before they died - just like Joey Lomangino and Padre Pio before they died, huh? Who taught people to believe this crap? To talk this crap? 

The Pope spoke about salvation. The Pope came preaching Jesus Christ. The Pope came to teach us about mercy. I need mercy. I need salvation. My fear and trembling is before God - not the Catholic blogosphere.

Sorry - I'm tired of it."

Well Said Terry. He's also not the only one, who is fed up with this nonsense which is damaging souls. Another commentator by the name of "Joshua" also comments, with this zinger in the comment:

".... One identity I do own is Catholic, which is why I can't read any of the blogs Terry mentioned. (Terry, I think you left off one. Starts with R, ends with orare Caeli :) ) They attack the Church. They attack her priests and bishops. They don't critique in charity--they attack. Just like a man can commit adultery in his heart without ever touching anyone other than his wife, you can do the same with schism (which is really just ecclesiastical adultery). They make me angry, so I don't read them. (Also, there is absolutely nothing to learn from them that can't be learned elsewhere, assuming it's worth learning.) .... "

Wow .... Joshua really has a great point about sinning via spiritual adultery and schism. Sins apply in more than just one specific context, and we don't need flesh acts to commit them. 

So in that post, Terry quotes from another fighter against RMTs and also, those "conservatives" who are falsely pro-life and anti-social justice, Mark Shea. The post of Shea's he quotes from concerns the release of a book chronicling the life of some cardinal named Danneels. So the short story is him, and a bunch of cardinals, including the oh so anti-doctrine front man of the 2014 synod, Cardinal Walter Kasper, were meeting together to try and influence the Synod to get Francis in, and therefore Pope Francis I`s election was invalid and Super Trad Hero, Pope Benedict XVI, is reigning pope and will come back and save the Church from the total ruin it is becoming!!!!

Well all I got to say ... is THEY ARE DARN TOOTING WRONG!!!

Mark has this to say on his blog, "Catholic and Enjoying it!" about the stupid Daneels conspiracy plot to overthrow the Papacy via rigging the conclaves, ironically involving Pope Benedict XVI himself as part of his reply to these conspiracy theorists: 

“There is absolutely no doubt regarding the validity of my resignation from the Petrine ministry,” Benedict, 86, who now has the title “pope emeritus,” said in a letter to the Italian website Vatican Insider published on Wednesday.
“The only condition for the validity of my resignation is the complete freedom of my decision. Speculation regarding its validity is simply absurd,” he wrote in answer to a request by the website for comment on recent Italian media reports.
What’s hilarious is that the Always Obviously Wrong Charism of Discernment of the Reactionaries manages to ignore the plainly truthful Benedict while somehow managing to make the person they themselves declare to be a Deceiver the fount of all truth–and all on the say-so of two guys hawking a book. The spectacular ability of Reactionaries to be wrong about everything, and to believe whatever their itching ears want to hear, is just breathtaking.
And it’s amazingly postmodern. What matters is not facts, but how it hits Francis Haters in the feels. Facts are unimportant. What matters is truthiness.
Sorry guys. Francis really is the Pope. Deal with it.``
Not to mention that he added an update to the post, which includes analysis from a canon lawyer with the chutzpah to put his name out there and blog, who is often sought by Trad blogs for his analysis on Canon Law, Ed. Peters.  

Finally, to truly cast the final nail on the coffin of the conspiracy theory of rigging the 2013 Conclave and Pope Francis being ``invalidly elected,`` Catholic Culture, a balanced orthodox blog with useful Catholic resources and balanced news and reporting, covered the whole issue of the supposedly rigged conclave thanks to that biography, and blew it out of the park with proper deductive reasoning and logic:

``On the other hand, there are compelling reasons to dismiss the claims of conspiracy:

  • Even if the authors of the Danneels biography were quoted accurately, they had an obvious incentive to exaggerate the power of the St. Gallen group, to create publicity for their book. A story about a secret cabal is more likely to sell briskly than the life story of a retired cardinal.
  • If the St. Gallen group did make an effort to control the conclave of 2005, they failed miserably. The conclave almost immediately turned to Cardinal Ratzinger: the man whose influence the group was allegedly fighting to curtail.
  • Cardinal Martini was widely seen as the leader of the liberal group that might have sought for an alternative to Cardinal Ratzinger. But Vatican insiders know that Cardinal Martini was not at all favorably disposed toward his fellow Jesuit, Cardinal Bergoglio, and would never have supported his election.
  • Since the St. Gallen group stopped meeting in 2006, it was not likely to be an important factor in the conclave of 2013, which elected Pope Francis. By that time Cardinal Martini was dead, and other members—Cardinals Silvestrini and Murphy-O’Connor—were too old to participate in the conclave.
  • In the days leading up to the 2013 conclave, virtually no one expected the election of Cardinal Bergoglio. If a group of cardinals had been working for years to generate enthusiasm about his candidacy, they must have been singularly inept .``
And I`d say that between these wonderful bloggers and their defense, not much more needs to be said, other than that with each strike from these RMTs, credibility is diminished as to the value of their words, ramblings of internal discord being expressed publicly, and further damages the good name of the Pope, the Church, Catholicism, and good movements of the Reform of the Reform such as the revitalization of the Latin Mass. 


Euge! Annum Tertium per Servimus Unum Deum!!!!

Source: Archdiocese of Toronto Facebook Page. 

Happy Third Anniversary to this blog, Servimus Unum Deum, under the patronage of St. Michael, and brought to existence on this day, in the year 2012.

San Michele, Ora Pro Nobis. Pax. Julian.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Highlight: Professional Apologist Dave Armstrong Counters RMT Anger at Pope Francis Not Being Clear on Abortion in USA

Hello Everyone,

Professional Catholic Apologist, Dave Armstrong, over at the Patheos Catholic channel, at Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, has just delivered an excellent apologetic post today.

He is countering the awful and bile-laced complaints of the Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists' (RMTs) blogs, who are slandering and committing calumny against Pope Francis, all because he was not explicit in his language today when he was speaking on a number of occasions, especially that he did not speak directly about "abortion."

The ironic thing is, these people didn't crap on Blessed Mother Theresa, when she spoke about these matters to the UN and elsewhere in the 1990's, yet didn't speak about abortion explicitly. But thanks to the marvel of the Internet and the False "Traddies" or as Dave has used before, "quasi-schismatics' ," supreme hatred for anything that doesn't smell like Benedict XVI, they've once again assisted the Devil through the grievous sins of gossip/calumny, and struck out against the Vicar of Christ, and henceforth, Christ Himself.

I'd say Dave shares my thoughts exactly in this snippit:

".... What is not acceptable, though (I agree) is truly grumbling or complaining or thinking that oneself knows how to be pope better than the real pope does. Thus, each instance of a registered criticism would have to be examined on its own. A lot of it may indeed be unsavory whining ...."

Allow Mr. Armstrong, to cleverly debunk the hatred of these RMTs in their latest bile filled hate trains, and explain to those desiring true education, on true Catholic teaching on obedience/disobedience to the Pope in non-ex cathedra matters. Please direct yourself to the link below:


Pax, Julian.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Example #224 of Why People Reject Catholic Traditionalism and the Latin Mass ... RMT Combox "Trolling"

Hello Everyone,

You know, I was just having a pleasant time as of late blogging less frequently and uploading more spiritually fruitful and charitable posts in the form of my Liguorian Series, as well as promoting one of my fellow young Catholics, Maggie a.k.a. "MAGS" Wang in her endeavours. Seems there can be no peace in "Traddie Land" as someone had a speckled-filled nutty in my combox today.

Recently, I've been allowing for anonymous comments, because my friends have desired to leave comments on the comment box, but do not desire these radicals chasing them down online or in person. So I did, but did not allow for automatic comment release. Well I knew eventually someone would use the combox to harass me after being considerate to my friends.

Upon creating my support post for crowdfunding Maggie's latest musical endeavor (please click above! She still needs your support!) some Radical Misrepresenting Traditionalist (RMT) with a bone to pick for MAGS, left me this statement, anonymously:

"Misrepresenting the facts again, I see."

My guess is this person decided to be an RMT at this statement from my post: "The Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists tried to harass her and her family. They tried and failed miserably."

Alright, "Anonymous," Time to break things down, shall we?

1. The fact that you didn't have the gall to leave even a pseudonym or at the absolute worst, your initials, while taking a nice little shot at me and Mags, is quite cowardly. Further, you sound like you KNOW intimately the full details of the situation, so how about coming out from your shadows and perhaps saying who you are, and even sharing with me your details??? You can even link to your own blog then and show the world your entry. 

2. I have a pretty good idea who this could be based on what the comment reveals, Thanks to your anonymous comment, you didn't leave your name, but it reveals enough, pointing to a past history with MAGS and or intimate knowledge of certain things, either because you were involved with the situation, or you work for her diocesan chancery, or the parish she filmed at. Just forget it, move on, go to the Latin Mass, and turn a new leaf away from the computer. 

3. This is my blog, and if I choose to editorialize or add flair to my writing, that's my style, it's a "free country" still for blog writing, so tough. You don't like it, go write your own blog, or find somewhere else to comment to your liking. 

4. What I said in the statement above is true. Mags is still writing music, has three or four albums out on Itunes, and is continuing her foray into music. She has not quit her hobby or career (if she does it full time in future), nor is suffering from some sort of psychological/spiritual/physical trauma, just because a couple of local bloggers had some sort of hangup with RMT liturgical stuff shooting a video in a parish a few years ago. SO WHAT I HAVE SAID IS TRUE. She's thriving and the RMTs lost.   

5. Finally, going back to my title of the post, you are not the only one who has maligned my comment box like this. I've also seen this online, even on good, "Traditional," Catholic sites. This kind of behaviour, raiding people's comboxes and/or email addresses, is standard fare for RMTs who do not like the person, or consider them heretics, or who write things that are not correct. This kind of behaviour gives Latin Mass attendees and Traditional Catholics (the good ones, who don't think Francis is violating doctrine) a bad name, and deters people from wanting to pursue the lifestyle/deepening their Faith, in person and online. 

Worse, the lot of you then give the chancery the "crazy person" signal to them, and believe me, they are not stupid and will know who the frequent offenders are and take note. And if you have a ``ministry`` of any sort trying to promote the good of the Church and it`s teachings, liturgical or  doctrinal, well consider your ministry unsupported by the (arch)diocese and it will not be received by the Catholic public and parishes. Then again maybe you belittle those 95% or so of lukewarm Catholics anyways who don`t meet your standards. Just don`t whine in the same breath when your ministry is stagnant because you alienated yourself from the bulk of the Body of Christ in your beliefs and behaviour. 

Keep it up boys and girls. I am sure with behavior like that in 5, exemplified above, all Latin Mass parishes with their offerings will be bursting out of the pews in every Mass, full of joyful, loving Catholics who are evangelizing the Church and their neighbours anew. You will surely convert lots of non-Catholics to the Church that way. 

Oh, and for the record, I'm not officially releasing that comment, nor anything else you throw at me in the combox. However, send me something delicious and juicy, in my combox or email, and it will be ripe for posting, to show the blog-o-sphere your maturity level and the state of your soul. 

Or maybe I won't, cause I have better things to do with my time than hate my fellow "pagan" Catholics or those outside of the faith you see as pagans. 

Finally .... just give it up to Him. Our Church, despite errors due to human concupiscence, is not really that bad. There IS Joy, and that Joy is in the Gospel, in Christ, and if you truly invested in it, you`d be spreading joy too. 

Ahhhhh ..... My Mark Shea moment for today. Pax Tibi Christi, Julian.